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 On Monday evening 30th August, the Villiersdorp Branch of the West Cape Tractor & Engine club...


 Can we stand back and watch this magnificent vessel being cut up for scrap? .


The sands of time are fast running out for South Africa's last...

Saturday 9th July 2011

Alwyn Vintcent Changing Shape!

At long last, there is something to show for all our preparations!

17th September 2011

 Security Problems!

Our first idea of trouble was evident

Cape Town International Boat Show!

Heritage Weekend, 24th to 26th September 2011

Alwyn Vintcent. Final Cutting?


Well, we hope so! 31st March 2012 saw a large team of volunteers on the vessel,

Alwyn Vintcent Out

of the Water!

We were warned that our Steam Tug would be taken out of the water just before the Synchrolift was closed down for annual maintenance at the end of the first week in May.

Paint and Painting Sponsors

Port Captain Steven Bentley has been working hard on our behalf and has already...

Traditional Boat Association

On Wednesday 23rd May 2012, representatives from the steam tug; Alwyn Vintcent were asked by Colin Davids to attend a meeting at Royal Cape Yacht Club...

On the Trailer Ready to Go!

During this last week, Johannes Uys and his team from Machine Moving & Engineering (MME) have been busy! They have built, fitted and welded two cradles to the hull...

Work Day 18th August 2012

The weather, after weeks of rain, was perfect. The view on the way, over the Theewaterskloof Dam was stunning! The tops of the mountains still have a dusting of snow.

The plan for the day was to lower the tug at the front on to rails and move her across towards the fence and to remove the rails,

Heritage Day 24 September 2012 Cleaning the Boiler

After a wet weekend, it seemed that Monday 24th September would be fine, so we arranged to celebrate Heritage Day working on our Tug!

Our first job which we have to ‘get out of the way’ is the boiler. If it has to come out of the vessel, now is the opportunity, while the superstructure is off.

Villiersdorp Show October 2012

One of the advertisers on the hull of Alwyn Vintcent during her epic road trip from Cape Town Harbour to Villiersdorp was the Villiersdorp Show. So we decided to set up a display in the Hall at the showgrounds and to ferry any interested people up to the vessel standing at Eniel’s workshop

Alwyn Vintcent. Villiersdorp Spring Arts Festival

14th September 2013

The weather wasn’t kind for the Festival! A blustery northwester and some rain threatened that we wouldn’t be able to do our part by manning our Tug for hordes of visitors....



At long last we've stopped dismantling

August 03, 2013

Just back and we can report at long last we've stopped dismantling and started assembling! Last Saturday in the rain we scrubbed the decks of Alwyn Vintcent and stowed away steel sheets we need to re-use as templates.

Operation Noah—The story of the trip

Before 7am on Monday 25th June 2012, the team assigned to follow Steam Tug Alwyn Vintcent on her epic voyage overland from the V&A Waterfront to her new home and new life on dry land in the inland town of Villiersdorp