Eaglesham's trip from Durban to the Midmar

 Hi Andy

 As promised, I have dug out some old photos of the Eaglesham's trip from

 Durban to the Midmar Museum outside Howick in November 1984.



 Heading South to Umkomaas before turning inland (too many

 low bridges on the N3).



 Struggling through the coastal overgrowth along the road.



 Leaving Pietermaritzburg for the long climb up to Hilton.



 Passing the Natal Parks Board headquarters on the way up.



 Good idea of the trailer size.  Count the wheels!



 Rear end.  How does this compare with your tug?



 Crossing the Midmar dam wall.  This had to be done very

 early to ensure no wind!



 Stuck.  Almost on site but the rise and wet conditions

 caused a total loss of traction. A big D7 dozer

 had to be called in!




'Final berthing' some distance from the water but a

 beautiful view. Smoke stack being installed.


 Unfortunately there are no pictures or details of how the tug was loaded

 onto the trailer.  I'm sure a large floating crane must have been used.

 Also, I don't know how they got it off!


 Well, that's how 'we' did it here in Natal!  'We' of course being the

 Parks Board.  They must have been donated the boat  by the Railways and

 Harbours back then and the Parks Board probably said "Thanks, if you can deliver

 it"! So the RMT probably took great delight in hauling out their big trailer

 and coupling up three of the biggest horses. It may have been an overkill,

 but so what?!


 The rest is History .... the Parks Board Management Board members changed

 and the new Director wasn't interested in preservation, only conservation.

The Museum closed down and the tug (after all that effort

 and expense) was scrapped.

 Cheers for now

 Rob North