In order to keep the load on the trailer as low as possible, we plan to cut the superstructure off. Preparations are proceding at the moment; disconnecting anything inside which passes across the cut line.


The magic figure is 4.5 metres from the line of the keel. Luckily we have all the drawings of the vessel and we have been able to scale it.



The red line in the picture above is at 4.57m (15’). The blue line shows where we plan to cut; in most places well below that line, following the deck line.


If the load is under 4.5m, then it should clear all overhead lines and bridges on the way, thereby making huge savings in what the hauliers, ALE of Firgrove call ‘third party costs’.


Andy Selfe

13th January 2011



The Cut Line    By Andy Selfe

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